I am not
good enough

I’m not as lucky as
other people

I am afraid of

I will never reach
my goals

This is your sign to change

“ You can’t win in life if you’re losing your mind. Change your thoughts and it’ll change your life.”
– Tony Gaskin

Welcome to Master Your Mindset. This is a place dedicated to helping you get out of your rut by showing you how you have the power to change your life once you change your mind. It’s not an easy road but it’s worth it. We’d like to invite you to join us on this journey of self mastery as we share our own experiences, trials and tribulations, success and failures on this platform.

Mind your mind
– Jeremy, Julian, MJ and Sean


What does it mean to be resentful of someone?

I will be the best
version of myself

Latest Podcast

I love
every cell
of my body

In this episode I talk to Jeremy Montoya. Jeremy is a self-help speaker, business consultant, and entrepreneur. Jeremy’s public speaking appearances range from crowds of 15,000 students to small classroom lectures at high schools and camps. His interests range from, mediation, manifestation, Reality Transurfing, content creation and the list goes on.

Jeremy and I met through Instagram and really aligned, not by just having the same name, but also with a lot of our interests and the message we are sharing. We talk a lot about personal branding and the importance of utilizing your journey to create content. He gives some great tips on how to do this the most optimized way. He goes into how he uses his own story and positive influence to help students to make changes in their own life. We go into the importance of taking action and learning to track your habits to max out your results. We talked about how to overcome your mental blocks and how awareness can help you shift really quickly back to a positive track. He shared with us some of his daily habits and rituals and talked about how important the first 15 min and the last 15min of the day are to him.

Overall it was such an amazing insightful conversation and unfortunately we ran out of time. Jeremy is also big into Reality Transurfing and I look forward to do another episode with him where we can dig into this further.


I am confident
and capable
at what I do


I believe in myself
and trust my own