Change Your Words, Change Your Life

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A Post on Pattern Adjustment, Context, and Habits

Too simple right?

At MYM, we discuss the importance of awareness in all areas. That’s a lot to manage –  but that doesn’t mean for an instant that it’s not worth it, AND you don’t need to start all at once and there are tools to support you.

If you’re looking to change your life and experiences in a particular area, a great way to start is to pay attention to how you speak about it.

The energy behind words and patterns perpetuates, even when the words themselves are something completely different.

Ex. I heard from Tony Robbins once, replace expectations with gratitude and watch the result (paraphrasing). I believe in the power of words, but even more so in the context with which those words are used/said. That context is the subconscious pattern/behavior/energy state, which the words are used. SO – I took TR’s advice; it became apparent to me that I used the word ‘should’ a lot, and that should be really an expectation for some scenario I wanted to happen and have control over. For me, that wasn’t something I wanted to give attention to anymore. It became apparent to me how much of life is completely uncontrollable and TRYING (more to come on that) is part of what was creating so much displeasure in my experiences.

Fast forward, I won’t say that my expectations are gone, but they’ve lessened, they’re less prevailing – and that has allowed for greater acceptance and gives me a greater sense of freedom in my own life. My current practice builds on being grateful for all things that come into my experience, the preferred and the non-preferred, lol.

Do you believe your words?
What’s something you want to upgrade or evolve in your life right now?
No, seriously. Take a second.

One that comes up for me is going to the gym.

“I need to go to the gym.” “I gotta go to the gym.” Let’s look at the thought

I don’t NEED to go to the gym. Gotta – Got to, which means have to; I don’t HAVE to go to the gym at all. I can eat right occasionally and have some more water and I’m sure I’d live to a reasonable age, with a general physical deterioration as we all go through.

If we really sit with it, I notice there’s a subtle judgment happening even by this choice of words – To categorize as a NEED or HAVE TO, is me judging myself for NOT going to the gym. Now let’s change it for a second

“I choose to go to the gym” “I’m gonna go to the gym”

Doesn’t that feel better?  Be honest, you don’t have to tell anyone. We talk about discipline and implanting habits in one of our Conversations, but right now just sit with the thought, the feeling.

To go from “I HAVE to” to “I CHOOSE to” “I GET TO” that feels more empowering.

In fact, I’m going to use this as an example and document the journey I go through. I’ll update in 30 days.  And I’ll take you on a journey of transitioning to implementing a new habit, tracking the steps I’ve used.

So what about you? It doesn’t have to be as formal as this, but lean into an area and think about how you describe it? Dancing? Doing your taxes on time? Reading more books?  Getting your budget together? Forgiving someone? Being courageous or putting yourself out there in some way?

Do you view it as impossible, or hard, or not worth the energy? The mind might jump out and say, but those things are true, and they might be. But at this moment, that’s not what we’re looking at. How do you frame it, and can you simply re-frame it at this moment: “I WANT to go to the gym” Does a smile come on your face? “I’m EXCITED to go the gym” How does that feel? Is your mind calling you a liar or being mean to you? Don’t worry, it does that to me too. We’re going to get through it together.

So…what’s yours? Let’s hear it!? Can you think of something right now that’ you’d like to reframe?

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