Sean Brown

Sean Brown is a marketing consultant, visual storyteller, content producer, and filmmaker. From working with international software developers who manage trillions of dollars in client assets, he now partners with clients to create marketing strategies that involve crafting films and visual content that resonates with their end users to have an impact.

Marie-Judith Jean-Louis

Marie-Judith, affectionately known as simply ‘MJ’, is an esteemed Artist, a proud dog mom, and an astrology enthusiast. Coming from an engineering background where she assessed buildings for the likes of international government agencies, she transitioned into her true passion to live the life of an illustrator and designer. Blending her engineering mind with her soulful essence, her artistic work has led to collaborations with organizations such as Yves Saint-Laurent, KPMG, University of Toronto, The Spoke Club, LG, and more. Her love of people, art, and nature inspired her to create a group, Toronto Urban Sketchers, for local artists to connect with each other, enhance their skills, and live their passion. MJ founded the group in 2018, and it quickly grew to over 1000 members.

Julian Thomas

Julian Thomas is a fitness expert with 11 years experience and multiple certifications in Personal Training, Nutrition, and Massage and Stretch Therapy. He has been featured in numerous podcasts and interviews for his unique views on fitness that blend mindset, lifestyle, and fitness together. Julian has led keynote workshops and several retreats and conferences. He has been named Best Personal Trainer in Toronto. Coming from a background that involved gangs and jail, his years of involvement in personal development, emotional healing, and spirituality, has helped him to be a deep thinker with an ability to see past mental blocks in his clients, helping them to uncover the deeper nature of their limiting beliefs and self sabotage patterns. He is highly sought after as a fitness trainer for people ready to make a major shift in not just their body, but their mindset as well.

Jer Fink

Jeremy is a father of 2, creative director, brand strategist, marketing consultant and owner of Thrive Online. Throughout his career, he has worked with brands such as Pepsico, WellsFargo, Deloitte and Petco. He is now an entrepreneur focused on helping small to mid-size businesses transform their online presence, through branding, web design and social media solutions. He is a vegetarian/vegan, enjoys outdoor sports such as snowboarding, kiteboarding and hiking with his partner, kids and dog Louie! He is very passionate about the mind, body connection and has been working on my self-development for 3 years now. He is very enthusiastic about sharing his journey with others with the intention of helping them through his own experiences.